Experiential workshop conducted by Exarmenia Pappa at the SNFCC - February 2022

Experiential workshop conducted by Exarmenia Pappa at the SNFCC - February 2022

On Thursday, February 17, 2022, 18:00-20:00, Exarmenia Pappa, psychologist, psychotherapist and Gestalt trainer, conducted an experiential workshop to the registered members of the SNFCC on:


"Touch-Contact: Meeting myself and the world through touch"


Mrs. Pappa started by saying that our skin is the place of meeting and interaction between ourselves and everything around us and that it is our window of contact with what is outside of us. Through the skin our whole-body listens and receives stimuli and informs us about where and how we are, how we move in space, how we feel and what we think and only through this encounter can we get to know ourselves.


In this two-hour experiential workshop, the developmental, relational and social dimension of touch was discussed and through exercises and improvisations the experience of touch as a way of contact with the world, as a collective memory, as a desire and creation to reach that focusing on the now of touch one discovers that touch, as a physical experience, enriches our mental and spiritual dimension.


Exarmenia Pappa, BA in Psychology (National Kapodistrian University of Athens), MSc Mental Health Studies, Gestalt Psychotherapist and Trainer. Member of EAGT and HAGT, PgCert Gestalt Body Process (Trained by James Kepner) Certificate in Performance Studies in Dance (Birkbeck College London). She runs a private practice in Athens, Greece. She facilitates groups and workshops that combine Gestalt therapy with movement and dance, support groups for teachers in secondary education and educational workshops for Gestalt therapy trainees. She is particularly interested in exploring movement, dance and somatics methods and applying them in her therapeutic work.