• “Introduction to Gestalt Psychotherapy” (2011)
  • Gestalt Foundation News
  • “Gestalt Therapy: Theory & Practice” (2000)
  • “The Art of Change - Gestalt” (2016)
  • “DI-ERGASIES” (“Processes”) periodical publication (2018)
  • “SQUARE FLOOR - Poetry meets Gestalt Therapy”


Since very early the Gestalt Foundation Psychotherapy & Training Center realized that the bibliography on Gestalt psychotherapy in the Greek language was very poor in comparison to the rich bibliography in English.

Obviously this resulted in trainees and Gestalt professionals with no knowledge of the English language to be confronted with difficulties.


So the Gestalt Foundation decided to include in its core principle and function publishing activities in order to primarily share and communicate information and later to enrich the bibliography itself.


The encouraging start came with the biannual publication of the “GESTALT FOUNDATION NEWS” which prompted the founding members and their collaborators to expand in authoring and translating books and manuals in reference to Gestalt psychotherapy.


Today available in the Greek market, through bookstores like Politeia and Ianos as well as other selected bookstores all over Greece, are the centers’ manual titled “INTRODUCTION TO GESTALT PSYCHOTHERAPY: BASIC CONCEPTS, PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICE” (2011) also distributed free to the foundations trainees, and the book “GESTALT THERAPY: PERSPECTIVES & APPLICATION”, edited by Edwin Nevis (2000).


Soon the new project of the centers writing team title “THE ART OF CHANGE- GESTALT: A DIFFERENT APPROACH FOR ORGANIZATIONS” (2016) will also be available.


The Gestalt Foundation Psychotherapy & Training Center will continue in the future its publishing activities focusing on publishing foreign bibliography in Greek.


In the following sub-categories you will find an overview of the books and publications mentioned above.

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