Experiential group

Friday 19- Sunday 21 May 2017 

  • “ The travelogue of a drop”

“The last straw”, “A drop in the ocean”, phrases that capture the power and vulnerability of a drop in space.

In this workshop we will focus on the process of instilling presence in the core of our relationships. We will also explore how we can, with this small (a drop) differentiation-action in the continuum of our contact create beauty in our lives and create our beauty in life.

Maria Farmaki, Psychologist, Early Childhood Educator, Β.Α. Psychologist, Gestalt Psychotherapist. Member of the Pan-Hellenic Association of Early Childhood Educators (P.A.E.C.E), and of EAGT. Founding member and Ex-president of the Hellenic Association for Gestalt Therapy (H.A.G.T.)