Friday 19/05/2017


Performance by the group of motion of Athens and Thessalonica.


  •  “The body that delivers and is delivered”


Despite our differences, I exist and we exist in space and time with common roots, sounds, images, our breath, our hearts pulse. As a carrier and expresser of meaning, our bodies surrender the individual and collective history from our birth till today; transmute our truth bridging the then with the now and surrender to the present and the flow of time. Incorporating traditional and contemporary dance and motion techniques we will go through a personal and group course of discovery, learning, impartation, delivery and acceptance in the in-between and the now.

Katia Hatzilakou, M.Sc. Clinical & Social Psychology (A.U.Th.), Gestalt Psychotherapist, Trainer & Supervisor, member of EAGT (ex-Chair of NOGT and External Relation of EAGT) and the National Psychotherapy Company of Greece. ECP Holder (European Certificate of Psychotherapy). Founding member of the Hellenic Association for Gestalt Therapy.

Konstantinos Katsamakis, Kinesiologist, graduate of Major Professional School of Danse of Thessalonikis’ Municipality.

Exarmenia Pappa, BA in Psychology (National Kapodistrian University of Athens), MSc Mental Health Studies, Gestalt Psychotherapist and Trainer, Member of EAGT and HAGT, PgCert Gestalt Body Process (Trained by James Kepner) Certificate in Performance Studies in Dance (Birkbeck College London). She runs a private practice in Athens, Greece. She facilitates groups and workshops that combine gestalt therapy with movement and dance, support groups for teachers in secondary education and educational workshops for gestalt therapy trainees. She is particularly interested in exploring movement, dance and somatics methods and applying them in her therapeutic work.

Eleni Chatzigeorgiou, Psychologist-Gestalt Psychotherapist, Dance Therapist DRLST, Responsible of Pedagogics of the DRLST International Training Program of Dance Therapists, based in Paris.

Kostis Poulianakis percussion instruments player. Kostis deals with percussion instruments since 1999. Having studied with great masters in music workshop Labyrinth he undertook the teaching of traditional percussion at the University of Macedonia in 2009. He has played with Ross Daly, Motel Selenik and various other shapes of Crete and Thessaloniki. In 2016, he finished his master on the use of Indian rhythmic and technic in the Eastern Mediterranean percussion at Kontarts Arts Academy in Rotterdam.