Presentations of Training Groups

Friday 19/05/2017 

  • “Dreams: The continuous journey in the space-time of our existence”
    "I believe that a dream clearly reveals the existential message of what is missing in our lives, what we avoid to do and experience and also it gives us the material to recuperate and regain the foregone parts of our self” (Fritz Perls). Without any control or deliberate intervention, dreams are the most spontaneous expression of our human existence. The parts of a dream consist of parts of us that are disguised in different images/ symbols that we dream off. Each symbol is unique for any of us and bears a personal internal meaning. According to Perls dreams are the royal path towards fulfillment. This fulfillment comes through a journey of experience, acknowledgment, acceptance, connection with emotion and conflict. The journey seems long and fragmented but when all these different pieces come together and unify our journey will lead us to a stronger, real and fulfilled life.
    3rd year Thessaloniki
  • “Let’s watch the sunrise as we walk towards the sunset”
    3rd year Athens  
  • “Investing in the Power of the Group”
    “ Let’s interact… Different people take on different roles in the group in our lives… We communicate… We change with the passage of time… We change every moment… An image, a sound, a sob, a word, a glance, a stimulus… How does the field change each time?, The group? We?” An event on the interaction of the group members aiming at observing the “inter-action” of the group dynamic within the fluidity of the field.
    2nd year Athens (Poster)
  • “ Change : What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, life calls it a butterfly “
    “and when the storm subsides you won’t remember how you overcame it, how you managed to survive. You won’t even be certain that the storm has ended. But one thing is certain. When you go through the storm you won’t be the same person as the one before it started” A sketch with audience participation in order to focus on the Lau Tzu quote: “What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, life calls it a butterfly “.
    2nd year Thessaloniki (Poster)  
  • “ I change so I exist”
    I’m always in touch with me and what surrounds me. Each contact forms me, changes me.
    I enter a circle that perpetually evolves.
    I move on and I find my obstacles, I observe them, I carry them.
    I become aware.
    1st year Athens
  • “ Transformation”
    Transformation is an important process and maybe the ultimate goal of Gestalt therapy.
    But transformation is in what sense?
    The classic concept of change means the difference as the result of an action (e.g. the change in behavior because of an incident). Transformation though involves the concept of “figure” and therefore the change comes from the perpetual process of constructing and deconstructing figures. This process is the primary characteristic of the function and development of a living organism.
    In a healthy situation the relationship between figure and ground consists of a constant and meaningful sequence of emerging and subsiding figures. On the other hand, in a pathological situation, the flexibility of figure and ground is disturbed. It doesn’t create a full and sufficient Gestalt.
    Different intrinsic and extrinsic factors contribute to this unfulfilled Gestalt. And the interruption of the flow of construction- deconstruction is what disturbs the inner balance and the individuals’ boundaries. Essentially the course of the individual toward transformation is inhibited.
    Transformation comes through awareness, the process of recognizing that which we think and we feel what we sense or do. Self awareness, awareness of the world and awareness of what exists between them. (O’Leary 1995).
    1st year Thessaloniki


Saturday 20/ 05/2017 

  • “Meeting Fritz therapeutically. From the there and then to the here and now”
    Gestalt therapy as viewed through Fritz Perls’ story. We have all been influenced by him but who was really Fritz in its entirety? In this presentation we will explore aspects of Fritz Perls life and field, and how these have influenced Gestalt therapy as we experience it today. And as he stated: “The only way out is through” – Fritz Perls.
    4th year Athens
  • “ The gender inside me, the gender outside of me”
    “Usually the first question that new parents are asked is: Boy or Girl? There is a wonderful answer we can give: We don’t know, hadn’t told us yet” (Kate Bornstein, Gender Outlaws, 1994)
    4th year Thessaloniki