Gestalt in Organizations Training Program

Gestalt in Organizations Training Program

The field of Humanities has now permeated every aspect of society and the marketplace, gaining acceptance across the board. This has helped employers, managers and employees greatly improve the quality of supportive contact and communication.


In recent years, the application of the Gestalt approach in Organizational Development has gained a lot of ground and continues to grow at a rapid pace, significantly benefiting all types of businesses and organizations. As in the field of Gestalt psychotherapy, attention is placed on issues of Awareness and Process in developing the dialogic skills that characterize the Gestalt approach.


Among other things, the applications of the Gestalt approach in the workplace are particularly effective in matters relating to leadership, communication, creativity, cooperation, teamwork, change, conflict, negotiation, work stress, time management, crisis management, self-confidence, and mutual understanding.


Using the Gestalt approach, services that can be offered to organizations include:

Consulting, Coaching, Mentoring, Training and Supervision at individual and group levels.

Τhis Training Program is addressed to:

  • Psychotherapists or psychologists working in organizations
  • Psychologists, psychotherapists and mental health counselors who are interested in learning how Gestalt works in the field of Businesses and Organizations.
  • Gestalt Consultants in Organizations.
  • Consultants, coaches and trainers who deal with Organizations and Businesses.
  • Executives who have responsibility for the development of Human Resources (H.R.).
  • Individuals who hold administrative positions in Companies and Organizations (managers / organization executives).


Requirements for Participation in the Training Program:

  • A University degree, preferably in the field of business, such as Business Administration, Finance, Marketing, Sales Management, Marketing & Corporate Communication, Management, H.R., or:
  • A University degree or equivalent study program in the field of Mental Health, Social Sciences, Humanities or another degree and with experience in the field of organizations
  • Interview
  • Completed Application Form and curriculum vitae
  • Two (2) letters of recommendation from professionals in the field (e.g., professor, company manager, supervisor)


To Attend and Complete this Training Program is required:

  • Basic training in Gestalt Psychotherapy Theory, Experimentation and Methodology (225 hours – 2 years)
  • Completion of the Cycle of Workshops on Gestalt Coaching in Βusiness & Organizations (100 hours) *
  • Completion of specific workshops (counseling skills, etc. (30 hours)
  • Individual Supervision (with a Gestalt in Organizations Supervisor) (15 hours)
  • Individual Therapy (40 hours)
  • 5 years previous professional experience (Manager, Executive, Trainer, Coach, Consultant etc.)
  • Literature Review
  • A Dissertation (in the form of a case study) which illustrates the practical application of Gestalt in Organizations as defined in the basic training program.


After the completion of the above educational obligations, the trainee receives from the Gestalt Foundation a certificate of attendance of the program. Then, he/she is given the opportunity to become a member of E.A.G.T. (European Association of Gestalt Therapy), following the relevant procedure.


*You will find the detailed program of each annual workshop cycle, in our website:  in the activities of the centre under the general title: "Cycle of Workshops on Gestalt Coaching in Business & Organizations"