2 Year International Supervisor's Training Program

Supervision, in Gestalt therapy, is the cornerstone of any clinical practice. It is a learning process where trainees and/or mental health professionals reflect on their clinical work experience, indulge in clinical cases, integrate Gestalt theory and practice, work on the organization-therapeutic plan, methodology, interventions, ethical dilemmas, therapeutic relationship and parallel processes.


Supervision is a developmental process that offers to the supervisees the “time” and “space” for orientation, feedback, support, exploration, guidance and creativity both in theoretical, methodological and practical level.


This training program of 245 total hours, is accredited by the E.A.G.T. and fulfills its criteria. Ιt will be conducted in workshops of a total duration of 195 hours plus 50 hours of Hypervision.


  • Τhe program includes:
    • 75 hours of theory and practice of supervision
    • 120 hours of practical/simulation training in the supervision of psychotherapists
    • 50 hours of Hypervision in individual or group setting. The participants are required to fulfill individual or group Hypervision with certified Gestalt hypervisors in order to obtain the certificate of a Gestalt supervisor. Gestalt Foundation will organize Hypervision groups and also provide relevant list of hypervisors.
    • Presentation of written comprehensive work and evaluation process

  • Attendance requirements:
    • Gestalt therapists with five years of experience, members of EAGT or / and NOGT
    • Gestalt trainers, members of EAGT or / and NOGT
    • Therapists from other modalities with five-year experience (diploma, membership of associations, letters of recommendation)
    • CV is required 

1rst Training Workshop, in person (35 hours)   Dates:  Wednesday 17/1/2024, 13:00 - Sunday 21/1/2024, 13:00   Topic: “Supervision: A Collaborative Endeavor” Supervision is a process during which supervisor and…
1st Training Workshop, in person (35 hours)   Dates: Wednesday 22/1/2025, 13:00 - Sunday 26/1/2025, 13:00   Topic: “Group Supervision” Group Supervision is a powerful learning process that through challenges,…
Language: English Since the coordinators are distinguished Gestalt psychotherapists, invited from various countries, the registration should be finalized by 10/12/2023.   PARTICIPATION / CANCELLATION POLICY - ΙMPORTANT NOTES: Registration commits…
Coordinators: Balliou Despina, Hatzilakou Katia, Yiamarelou Yianna, Diplas George   Venue: Gestalt Foundations’ offices in Athens, 37 Ipirou Str., 173 41, Ag. Dimitrios.   COORDINATORS :   Balliou Despina, M.Sc.…