Continuing Education Annual Program in Athens

Gestalt Foundation, Psychotherapy and Training Center, advocates the lifelong learning to be a necessary process for each Gestalt psychotherapist or any other mental health professional. Under this principle we are organizing and offering an annual continuing education program for the academic year 2019-2020.


This program, under the general theme “Relational Gestalt Therapy”, it will be completed in 45 hours. Its aim is to deepen the theory, extend supervision and assist in the personal development of professionals regarding the relational perspective of the Gestalt therapy theory.


This relational perspective is an important focal point in the Gestalt approach theory, without which there wouldn’t be a cohesive core at all.


The relational Gestalt therapy is an approach within the Gestalt Therapy theory

that, without the understanding of the relationship between organism -environment and the consideration of inter-connectedness, Gestalt therapy and its practice would not exist.

The program will be implemented within five days, from Wednesday 17/6/2020 to Sunday 21/6/2020, will take place outside Athens and will be hosted at Candia House, Candia Beach / Asini, Nafplio (

For the co-ordination of the workshops of this program, foreign trainers, who have deep scientific knowledge and years of experience in this field, have been invited and honored our invitation, such as Gianni Francesetti from Italy and Armin Baier from the United States.


The program is addressed:

The program is addressed to Gestalt Psychotherapists and to therapists of any other approaches, with clinical experience who want to explore the above issues, both at a personal and supervisory level, through the relational view of Gestalt therapy theory.

The themes of the theoretical presentations that Gianni Francesetti will develop are the following:   “The metamorphosis of pain. A phenomenological-gestalt perspective on psychopathology” What is psychopathology? What is the…
WEDNESDAY 17/6/2020    09:30 -11:30 Arrival - Registrations - Welcome Coffee 11:30 -13:00 Theoretical Presentation / Plenary Session                    Topic: «The metamorphosis of pain. A phenomenological-gestalt perspective on psychopathology»                          …
Dates of Conduct: Wednesday 17 June 2020 11:30 to Sunday 21 June 2020 18:30 Venue: Candia House, Candia Beach, 21100 Nafplion   Language: English   Participation fee: For registration and…