Identity and Goals

Identity and Goals

The Gestalt Foundation Psychotherapy & Training Center operates in Athens and Thessalonica since 1998.


Its main goal is to provide education, constant training and support to professionals based on the theory and methodology of Gestalt therapy as well as improving the practice and promotion of the Gestalt philosophy on a wider range of human activities.


Therefore, our first main concern was to plan and apply an up to par educational program of Gestalt psychotherapy, complete and evenly balanced between theory, experience and clinical practice. A program recognized by all the competent and authoritative bodies.


Throughout its course the Gestalt Foundation, with its willingness to utilize its human resources to the best of their abilities responded to a series of significant activities, collaborations and revisions, that although were not planed, proved important for the Foundations identity.


Gestalt Foundation is internationally certified and a member of the National Societies of Psychotherapy and Counseling. Is accredited by the EAGT (European Association for Gestalt Therapy) the EAP (European Association of Psychotherapy), the NOPG (National Organization for Psychotherapy in Greece) HAC (Hellenic Association for Counseling). It satisfies all the educational requirements set by these organizations and operates according to their provisions.


Gestalt Foundation collaborates with other leading centers and organizations from abroad that are at the forefront of evolution in training, theory and research and today, till September 2016, it lists up to 266 graduates and 95 trainees.


Its founding members are actively collaborating with the European Association for Gestalt Therapy and take part in the decision making process on the advancement of Gestalt Therapy in Europe.


The Foundation also aims to promote the principles of Gestalt Psychotherapy to a wider range of human activities such as the application of these principles in the workplace environment and especially on issues of power management, conflict, malfunction within the workplace communication etc.


The Gestalt Foundations’ philosophy centers on the belief that humans have the capacity to evolve and creatively adapt to their environment. Its core belief is the principle of “equal opportunity” for all on education and psychotherapy, regardless of religious beliefs, race, political affiliations, sexual orientation, social status, physical or mental capabilities or age group.


The founding members intent to continue to keep abreast with the developments on the field of psychotherapy as well as the ever-changing needs and concerns of the immediate and wider social field, aiming to evolve the training and activities program on both scientific and educational areas. They aspire to do so through:

  • The enrichment of the training process with new methods
  • The empowerment of Gestalt theory and its applications
  • The development of the Greek Bibliography on Gestalt Theory
  • The participation of Greek therapists in the international Gestalt bibliography
  • The conducting and participation on research
  • And the creative utilization of its graduates.