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Participation in European Projects

Participation in European Projects

The Gestalt Foundation Psychotherapy and Training Center actively participates in several European Projects implemented by various Organizations.


The European Union is planning and funding programs for education and training, aimed at strengthening the skills and employability , modernization of education, youth training in all areas of Lifelong Education (Higher Education, Vocational training, Adult Education, School Education, youth activities, etc). These programs are implemented by member countries bodies. Within the different actions and programs the Gestalt Foundation has been invited to participate by providing significant support in their implementation.


Some of the programs Gestalt Foundation have participated in:

  • As a collaborator body it participated in the organization of the “Specialized Seminar on Health Education”. A 240 hours seminar held in Kilkis for 60 Primary education teachers, as an associate body ( Scientific Study) together with:
    • The Department of Secondary Education in Kilkis( Health & Environmental education department),
    • The Scientific Association for Adult Education,  
    • The Center for Sexual and Reproductive Health
    • Group Pedagogical and Action for Environmental Education and Training.

Organizing body: Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs (Integrated Administrative Department of Studies, Training and Innovation- Department of Vocational Guidance & Educational Activities, Department of secondary Education Environmental Education, National Youth Institute). 


  • Gestalt Foundation, also participated as a Support Service Provider for the General Secretariat for Gender Equality, Ministry of Interior Public Administration and Decentralization program “Positive Action for equal opportunities for both men and women in small and large businesses” for 60 employees of the PARFUMS CHRISTIAN DIOR HELLAS ΑΕΒΕ


  • The Gestalt Foundation also organized and completed the “Awareness Training” action as part of the inter-regional program “Environmental Awareness for Different Cultural Groups”.